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                        About Us

The Alberta Health Institute is Alberta's premiere mainstream complementary and alternative health care facility. We offer chiropractic, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, soft tissue manipulation, massage, myofascial therapy, naturopathy, body talk, and homeopathy. Unique to our clinic are specialties such as pet chiropractic and pet consultations.

We are a team driven by four key values: integrity, compassion, mastery of our disciplines and strong communication. We offer our services in a nurturing, caring, open-minded nature and are committed to maintaining an aggressive growth curve in health knowledge and dedicated professionalism. 

There are several fundamental aspects of living that allow us to achieve optimum health. Among them are quality nutrition, consistent physical activity, positive mental activation, spirituality and proper rest. Equally important; however, is the reduction of factors that harm our health. These include environmental toxins in the form of air, soil, and water pollutants and the more substantial, yet familiar, "stress". By understanding the importance of reducing stress and exposure to toxins, we elevate the potential of our well being greatly.

Our bodies have an inclusive ability to heal.  By integrating positive lifestyle with the various complementary health practices we offer at AHI, we can help you achieve health beyond compare. Your health is not an area of your life you should neglect; it is an area of your life you need to embrace.

At AHI, we provide each patient with a personalized "formula" for living their "best life". We are dedicated to understanding each individual patient and their unique needs in a spirit of co-operation. Our goal is to have each patient leave with new knowledge and a heightened level of excitement for their health. We expect a lot of our team members and we give a lot to our patients. We believe that there are no obstacles, only solutions.  At AHI, we achieve results.