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Allergy is a condition in which there is hypersensitivity and overreaction to various chemicals (allergens), which serves to protect the organism. Occurring in 30-50% of Americans, allergies have become a serious health problem, increasing three-fold in the last 50 years.

  • Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, costing the health care system $18 billion annually.

  • NIAID, Dec.2004.

Allergies can mimic many illnesses and therefore are often undiagnosed. If left untreated, they could cause an increase in the severity of existing conditions and limit recovery. It is critical that a person gets diagnosed and, if needed, treated for allergies when symptoms are resistant to usual treatments.

ALLERGIES & ALLERGY RELATED The A/SERT program gets to the root of the problem and eliminates allergic conditions for good! The program is catered to each patients individual needs depending on their total symptom picture. Allergy and Sensitivity are becoming more and more prevalent in our society and every day it seems there is a new label for disease that is seemingly 'incurable'. Angela believes that many unexplained symptoms and disorders have a basis or at least in part are related to Allergy and Sensitivity. The A/SERT program utilizes many protocols to rid the patient of their symptoms including: Allergy Testing, Environmental control, Therapeutic Diets and Lifestyle alteration, Detoxification, Barrier function repair, Herbs/Supplements, Mental/Emotional detoxification and decreasing stress etc. Allergies are viewed from a holistic perspective based on Oriental Medical principles and defined in terms of the effect an allergic substance has on the energy flow of the body. When contact is made with an allergen it causes a blockage in the proper way this energy flows through the body's electrical circuits. The A/SERT program reprograms the brain and nervous system and clears the energy pathways so that the body does not recognize the allergen as a threat any longer, thus the allergic reaction is cleared. This truly is a breakthrough in the treatment of Allergies today!