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Amie Nasayao-Jiwa, BSNH (Hons)
Natural Health / Macrobiotic Practitioner,
Macrobiotic Cooking Instructor


Amie has been in practice as a Natural Health Practitioner for the past seven years, but has experienced and lived this lifestyle for over 13 years.  Amie holds  Bachelor of Science in Natural Health from Clayton College and completed Macrobiotic Leadership Program from Kushi Institute, Massachusetts, USA. 

Her many interests and training in Natural Health and Alternative Medicine began over nineteen years ago when her husband suffered a myocardial infarction.  As a Natural Health Practitioner, she specializing in Nutritional and macrobiotic way of dietary health, exercise and lifestyle counseling.

What separates Amie from other Natural Health Practitioner’s is her experience at Kushi Institute where she completed the 'Macrobiotic Leadership Program'.  This is where her personal passion in the art of cooking peaked.  Amie’s innovative style and attention to detail shows through the flavor and healing power of her food.

Amie has a compassionate disposition and her passion is  primarily Nutritional and Macrobiotic approach to health and lifestyle, but also 'Women and Children's Health'. She has converted from a western diet to a macrobiotic diet which is a plant base diet with an occasional fresh white-meat fish.  Eating primarily whole foods is the best road to health.  She can show you how to control your weight without dieting, avoid food allergies using alternatives, reduce inflammation and recover from serious illness, all through nutrition. ' Let thy food be thy medicine', Hippocrates 340, BC

Amie has been successful in helping many clients return to optimal health and  can help you bring your Health and Energy to the next level.

Amie offers a one to one private health consultation and cooking classes to show you how you can have more energy and live a longer, happier life.  Contact her at Alberta Health Institute,


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