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Dr. Leslie Gurr, MLT., B.Sc., D.TCM

Dr. Leslie N Gurr graduated from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) in Victoria in 1998. Leslie couples degrees in Medical Laboratory Technology and Biochemistry from the University of Calgary with 18 years of personal training experience to offer you expertise in complementary health care and athletic excellence. Leslie minored in nutritional chemistry and author and writer of book “Decidedly Fit” published in 2005, which coaches new mothers on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual journey and rebound of motherhood. She still holds accreditation in the American Counsel of Exercise and the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification associations.

Dr. Leslie’s is personally dedicated to offer Traditional Chinese Medicine and its many branches with integrity and compassion to her clients. Her mission is to create an environment of education and understanding, and to promote the benefits of eastern medicine and complimentary health care for disease and pain management. Her guiding principle and goals are to take allopathic medicine and alternative medicine, create a bridge which would give excellent results  rather than having them be exclusive.

Leslie’s passions include neurological rooted disorders like Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and post stroke rehabilitation and autoimmune disorders. She also has expertise working with world class athletes readily using her advanced course work in sport acupuncture and she still remains an avid competitor in several sports herself. She welcomes you to seek her professional advise and a chat session for any of your muscular, skeletal, neurological, autoimmune or nutritional ( weight loss) needs.