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Massage therapy can reduce stress and increase relaxation and flexibility. Our licensed massage therapists are available by appointment.

Massage is a hands-on manipulation of soft tissues in the body. It relieves pain , muscle
tension , spasm and stiffness . Increases flexibility and mobility.

Massage can have a number of positive effects on the by acting directly on the muscular,
nervous, and circulatory systems.



Massage therapy treatments are beneficial for a variety of specific conditions including,

Headaches Athletic injuries
Stress management Immune system disorders
Neck &shoulder tension Postural imbalances
Low back pain Tendonitis
Carpal tunnel syndrome Sciatica
Scar tissue restrictions TMJ
Pregnancy Repetitive strain (overuse) injuries

Our massage therapists specialize in therapeutic, sports, myofascial release, and prenatal
&postnatal massage. Relaxation is also available. Our massage therapists have completed full–time training programs at accredited massage therapy colleges and
trained in advanced massage techniques.





THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE- focuses on the treatment of symptoms resulting from specific Trauma or repetitive strain. Our therapists will concentrate on restoring circulation to the injured site, break down scar tissue, and increase range of motion.

SPORT MASSAGE- focuses on specific issues that amateurs and elite athletes face in training and competition. Treatments are designed by using massage therapy techniques
and therapeutic exercises to enhance athletic performance and treat injuries.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE- It is generally an extremely mild and gentle form of stretching that has a profound effect upon the body tissues. This 3- dimensional
application of sustained pressure and movement on the facial system can remove
pressure from various systems of the body enhancing the relief of pain and improving
the quality and quantity of motion and function. The goal of myofascial release is to
return order and equilibrium to the whole person. Having a whole body approach
in regards to the facial system coupled with other therapeutic modalities can
contribute scientifically to relieving pain and dysfunction.

PRE AND POSTNATAL MASSAGE- is a safe, natural and highly effective treatment for pregnant women and new moms. During pregnancy a women’s body undergoes many
changes, some of them stressful and uncomfortable. Massage is a natural way for a
pregnant women to reduce stress and achieve an overall sense of well-being.