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What is Chinese Medicine?


Chinese medicine includes all Asian traditions emerging from Southeast Asia that have their origins in China. It is a complete medical system that includes herbal therapy, acupuncture, dietary therapy, herbal and supplement therapy, and exercises in breathing and movement (tai chi and qi gong), meditation, manual therapy, cupping, gua-sha and other needling therapies. Several of these therapies may be employed in the course of treatment. Clinical strategies are based upon diagnosis of patterns of signs and symptoms that reflect an imbalance.

Basically How does it work?
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) uses the tongue and pulse along with a series of questions, to determine which meridian is imbalanced. Point are then chosen according to their ability to correct the specific imbalance and are stimulated by needles, heat, cups or pressure.
Chinese is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. It aims to understand and set to correct balance the ways in which a person's Qi or vitality may be depleted or blocked. It recognizes that health is more than just the absence of symptoms or disease, and it has a unique capacity to maintain and enhance our capacity for well-being and happiness.


Who can have treatment?

People of any age or constitution can use Chinese medicine. Your practitioner will take any previous or current illness or medication into account before providing treatment. With suitable adjustments for dosage and with some provisos, which your practitioner will determine, children and pregnant women can very well be treated by Chinese medicine.


What can Chinese Medicine treat?
Commonly Treated Conditions recognized by the World Health Organization
. Anxiety & Depression
. Arthritis, Tendonitis, & Joint pain
. Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, Urticaria
.Respiratory conditions, Asthma & Allergies,  Bronchitis, coughs
. Rhinitis and Sinusitis
. Auto Injuries, Work Injuries
. Bladder and Kidney Infections, Urinary conditions, Cystitis
. Cardiac Palpitations (Irregular Heartbeat)
. Chronís / Colitis
. Common Cold & Influenza
. Degenerative Disk Disorders
. Diet, Nutrition, & Weight Control
. PMS & Menstrual Irregularity, Fertility / Infertility Issues
. Children's diseases
. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia
. Headaches & Migraines
. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
. Gastro-intestinal disorders, Indigestion, Gas, Bloating, Constipation, IBS
. Insomnia
. Menstrual Problems, Menopause Symptoms,
. Musculoskeletal pain, Pain - other kinds
. Nausea
. Sports Injuries, Tension / Stress Syndromes
. Tinnitus